Do you continuously wake up with jaw pain, earaches or headaches? Do you find yourself cleaning or grinding your teeth? You may have a condition call bruxism.

Sleeping disorders, stress, an abnormal bite, crooked or missing teeth may contribute to bruxism. Since most people aren't even aware that they grind their teeth, it is important to have your dentist inspect your teeth for any wear, cracked teeth or damaged restorations.

An easy way to prevent wear and damage from grinding your teeth, is to use a nightguard.

Types of Nightguards:

  • Over the counter, pre-made nightguards.
  • Custom-made night guard from our office.

Your dentist will discuss with you the best option for your teeth. If you choose a custom made nightguard, South London Dental Care Centre will work with you to ensure that it will be retentive and comfortable.

If you think you may be grinding your teeth at night, contact us our South London Dental Care Centre office at to schedule an appointment to discuss whether a night guard is right for you.