Excellence and Professionalism

Here at South London Dental Care Centre we strive for excellence and professionalism with every patient that comes into our office. We believe dental care is an essential part of your overall health and take the time to educate you so that we are partners in your oral health.

Leading the way in Dental Care

Here at South London Dental Care Centre we offer a wide range of services from family dental care to cosmetic dentistry. Our entire team prides ourselves on providing thorough dental treatment while accommodating your personalized needs and comfort.

Your Journey to a Healthy Smile

Patient Experience

At South London Dental Care Centre we are 100% focused on the experience our patients have when the come to our office. Great dental care with a great experience is the goal our entire team is committed to achieving.

Our Technology

Technology is changing fast all around us and the dental industry is no different. We try to give our patients the benefit of the most recent advances in dental technology when we know it will improve either the care we give or the experience we can provide.

Meet The Team

A great dental office is only as good as the team of people who make it work. We think our team is the best! A true work family and that translates to us feeling the same about our patients. Check out our bios and photos here on Our Team page.

Overall Health and Wellness

Your overall health is very important to our team and your oral health is a big part of that. Our dentists are not only interested in things that help keep your teeth healthy but we are always on the lookout for other indicators of your overall health and how we can help you stay healthy.


South London Dental Care Centre is a proud family dental office. We pride ourselves on the ability to provide your entire family with exceptional oral health care and a high level of quality and compassion. Our dentists understand life gets hectic and want to make sure we can make coming to our office as easy as possible. At South London Dental Care Centre your whole family can undergo their routine appointments at our office, on the same day.



Because your first appointment is approximately 60 minutes, we ask that you fill out an online new patient form before you come in for your appointment. Thank you for allowing us to help you achieve the smile of your dreams. We look forward to meeting you!

Privacy Policy

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